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Our Entrepreneurship Firm , aims to deliver high - end security solutions and training to students at the industrial level and corporate to prepare them to meet the challenges of IT Security Industry.

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Whether it's sending invoices, accepting payments or automatically charging clients, ShopCare helps you get your finances out of the way, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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We maintain high confidentiality of our clients and also provide 24*7 technical support and maintenance. We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions.

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Gst Tax
Gst Tax Invoice

Shop Care Online helps you issue GST invoices with all the accurate fields for claiming tax credit.

product management
Product Management

Monotonectally cultivate inexpensive users after focused monotonectally.

vendor management
Vendor Management

It minimize costs and prices and maximize efficiency and manages staffing services, contingent labor.

purchase management
Purchase Management

It is the first element which affects the product cost and decides profitability of the Company.

sales management
Sales Management

It helps salespeople get organized, manage contacts, track their sales deals efficiently and save them time.

bill management
Bills Management

Paying your bills promptly will help you avoid late fees and interest charges.

accounts management
Accounts Management

It allows to manage password through a webpage and get email notifications.

stock management
Stock Management

Demands of the stock are balanced by the purchase order requests to keep supplies at a prescribed level.

tax management
Tax Management

It supports e-billing and integrates with customer account management to register receivables.

Gst Info

GST Tax Advantages :

free movement of goods
Free Movement of goods

Eliminating CST(Central Sales Tax) plus other state entry taxes, free movement of goods across the country will be enabled with the help of IGST. This means that businesses will be able to sell more in other states, helping the logistics sector save around $200 billion annually.

redced costs
Reduced costs

By applying a single tax, the cost of goods will go down. Businesses will benefit from reducing this tax burden and consumers will enjoy cheaper products. GST tax is beneficial because it only applies to value addition and removes tax cascading.

Easier tax compliance
Easier tax compliance

The simplified tax structure results in reducing the hassle filling tax forms by merchants. All aspects from registration for GSTIN to filing monthly tax returns and payments will be managed through the online GST portal.

tax collection
Simplified tax collection

With less tax laws, there will be less intervention from tax authorities. GST will combine all current tax departments and authorities into one, hopefully bringing more transparency.

reduced excise duty exemptions
Reduced Excise Duty Exemptions

The government loses around Rs.3.1 lakh crore due to excise duty exemptions. With GST, the number of exemptions offered by the government is expected to lower, thus minimizing the loss.

Easy way to manage your store or shop

About ShopCare

ShopCare is Billing software for your businesses. With our objectives is to provide our customers with clear & instant insights into the business information about stock, sales, profit/loss, ensuring you make optimal benefits from our software for your business operation.

ShopCare Billing Software

Easy to use billing/invoicing window. Recall product by product name. Capture customer information or instant customer search, notes or remarks, convert order to bill, capture taxes, mention discounts and more.

Modern Framework

ShopCare helps you get your finances out of the way, so you can focus on the important stuff. You can easily get quick invoicing, report, easy time tracking, automated reminders using ShopCare.

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We take your data’s security very seriously, so we use TSL security encryption, which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the internet. Your data is yours only and we never touch is without your explicit permission.

ShopCare online has been designed to work best for small and medium businesses, accountants that work within a company or with multiple clients and freelancers.

Absolutely not! It’s free to sign up for ShopCare Online and you don’t have to put in your card data. After your free premium trial ends, your account will be automatically put on the Free plan, so you’ll need a card only if you want to upgrade back to Premium features.

Your license is directly related to your Company Name, so you can only use it for one company. If you wish to use Sleek Bill for multiple companies, you have to buy a license for each of them. Contact us to get the best prices for your 2nd or 3rd licenses.

For now ShopCare Online is in BETA, which means we want you to use it as much as possible and give us your feedback so that we know what features you'd like to see in the app. Half way through June we will be releasing our Premium, updated version along with the prices for it. When this happens, your account will be automatically put on a 14 day free trial and when this expires, you can chose to buy the full online version, or remain on a free, limited features account.

Our support team strives to solve all your problems in less than 24 h. You can chat with us during business hours straight from the app (look for the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen), send an email at or give us a call on any of the numbers +91- 9990613366. For the quickest answers, you can also check our in app knowledge base by clicking on the button which says “CONTACT US” on the right hand side of the screen..

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